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czysty smar miedziany / miedziowy

Nr kat.: PC030

400 ml
12 x 400 ml

Special paste with a high content of pure copper, designed for lubricating screw connections and areas where metals come into contact, which may be exposed to high temperatures.

It protects engine parts, exhaust and brake system components, battery terminals and connectors, as well as bearings from wear and nuts and bolts from corrosion.

It reduces friction on pins, moving parts of clutches and connectors.

Resistant to temperatures ranging from -30°C to +1100°C.


Usage: Shake well before use. Apply directly to the lubricated parts.

The aerosol is equipped with a 360-degree valve, allowing you to use it at any angle (even upside down), which greatly facilitates work in hard-to-reach areas.

An additional advantage is that you will always use up the contents completely. There is no possibility of leaving the product in the can without the necessary pressure required for its extraction.


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