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Venus Super HD Acid Line

Opryskiwacz ręczny - ciśnieniowy 1,5 L

Nr kat.: KWAK15

1,5 l

Heavy Duty pressure sprayer with an increased chemical resistance, designed for the application of acidic solutions used in places i.e. car washes, construction, welding. It can be used for cleaning car wheels, surfaces made of acid-proof steel or cleaning equipment in automatic car washes. It can also be used for removing scale from glass and ceramic surfaces, or residual cement. Viton seals and pump construction ensure durability and longer life.


Product features:

Adjustable tip – allows cleaning of hard to reach places

Safety valve - pressure always under control

Comfortable handle - comfortable work

Liquid level indicator - easy dispense and control of the liquid level in the tank

Stabilising ring - stabilisation and protection of the tank against mechanical damage



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